The landing

The pull of the wind is strong, but he doesn’t let that deter him. He knows what’s at stake and he’s determined to complete his mission. “I can do this.” He tries to hold steady, but another gust of wind blows him off course. He cuts a hard right and doubles back towards his target.

“I’m not giving up!” He musters all his courage and quickly thinks up another plan of attack. Back home everyone is counting on him for their survival; failure is not an option. Taking a fast dive, he locks in on his target, but the wind abruptly changes direction and he gets sideswiped. Suddenly he’s dropping way too fast, spiraling in a dizzying nosedive, the ground seeming to rush towards him at a harrowing speed. The stark blue and white of the sky merges with the kaleidoscope blend of earth colors, making it impossible to distinguish up from down.

He pulls up with all his might, hoping against all hope that he is pulling in the right direction, all his muscles contracting in fear as they furiously work against the forces of nature. It feels to him like he’s mere inches from making impact before he finally manages to gain back control and get back to cruising altitude.

“Okay, that was a bit too close for comfort!” He checks out his surroundings trying to catch his bearing. “There it is!” To his left he can see his target again, it’s impossible to miss the fierce yellow object seeming to sway gracefully in the breeze with not a care in the world. “I can’t go back empty handed…I won’t!”

With renewed determination he readjusts his course and hones in on the yellow mass. He does a rapid calculation of wind shear and speed, zigzagging his way down slowly, ever so slowly until… “Contact! I have contact!”

Hovering safely in the cocoon of the pumpkin flower he gets his fill of nectar and flies proudly off towards the beehive. The day’s work is done; mission completed!

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