April 9, 2020 – Day eleven of Shelter in Place:

This morning I woke up with a burning question. If you are on lock down by yourself, does that mean you don’t need to use deodorant? I mean, who is going to complain about the smell? That’s a bit extreme of course, but I do wonder how many dress-up rituals have been set aside. If you take a sneak peek at our laundry for example, you will notice that our household has already established a shorts, t-shirts and pj’s dress code. Also, the men have unanimously decided that since they can’t get a haircut, shaving is optional too, while the women have thrown caution to the wind along with their bras!

It was therefore a hot topic when our Prime Minister appeared at the press release with a fresh new haircut. Speculations ran rampant; his wife probably did it for him, he shaved it off himself, no, he had a barber do it with clippers attached to a 2-meter pole!

Point being, most of us are no longer stressing out or bothering with the time consuming task of putting on makeup or dressing up to the nines just to strut around the house and it makes me wonder if by the end of the Corona era, people’s perception of beauty will have changed. Will we all just pick up where we left off and run to the latest ‘luscious lashes’ mascara isle or are we going to embrace the way we look, sans make-up, hairdo or fancy clothing? I’m hoping we find a midway point. A balance between wearing something you like and feeling great about it without any pressure of having to follow the latest fashion. I’m also hoping the new trend will be shorts, shirts and pj’s, that way I win either way!

This is what eleven days of being inside the house does to the mind. I’m sure I’ll have something more insightful to talk about tomorrow. It’s going to be an exciting day; I’m going to do the  laundry, which means I’ll be able to wear my favorite daytime pj’s again!

Favorite PJ’s

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