April 8, 2020 – Day ten of Shelter in Place:

I can’t believe it! Yesterday I was in such a philosophical mood about the perception of time that I forgot to mention the most important highlight of the day. And it’s not about a workout this time. I’ve actually decided to skip the ‘wake-up and train’ routine breakdown from now on; it’s become repetitive even for an exercise junkie like me! So, moving on to other topics…yesterday…


My license plate letter was up and after avoiding going to the supermarket for over a week, I took the plunge yesterday. Well, more like a splash than a plunge since I pre-ordered my groceries for curbside pickup! But still…I LEFT THE HOUSE…IN MY CAR! It felt weird at first, I had to get used to my car again and the streets were like Sunday-morning-empty, which was even weirder since it was lunch-time rush hour by the time I hit the road. Still, it felt good to leave the house for a bit and I enjoyed the freedom of driving on the streets of Curaçao. I got a power kick out of it and felt like the queen of the road. My hand itched to give my fellow drivers a royal wave.  

Sadly, the ride was over too soon while the curbside pickup itself took longer than I had anticipated (almost an hour, after they were the ones who informed me my supplies were ready for pick up) but the service was nice enough, which made up for the wait (kind of, but not really). There is something to be said about communication and buying groceries that a stranger picked out for you based on the list you wrote down, teaches you a thing or two about communicating properly.

So, I now have to figure out what I’m going to do with a can of Brussel sprouts I had hoped would be fresh ones and look up a recipe for the smoked salmon that was supposed to be salmon filets for Friday’s lunch. I also have an additional can of baking powder I have not much use for while I am still out of baking soda…but other than that, all was good, which means my communication skills aren’t that bad…unless you count the misunderstanding with the police, but I’m not going to get into that! (just kidding, there was no misunderstanding with the police…or was there?)

Now back to today. Since the start of the lockdown, I’ve been thinking about the parents with young children and how difficult it must be for them to keep the kiddos entertained all day long. It’s not an easy task and I must admit that I was really glad that my kids are grownups that can pretty much entertain themselves. I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up messy little hands full of paint or mud…or so I thought; I forgot to take into account having a creative grown child in the house.

So far, my daughter’s enrollment in the online photography contest has left me with achy fingers from being pricked by thorns while holding branches this way and that, dirty nails from having to dig up mud and a paint splattered back that took me about an hour to scrub off. Taking a picture of an inanimate object is apparently not good enough according to my daughter and since the photographer can’t photograph herself, she needs a model (read: guinea pig).

Playing with mud

It suddenly dawns on me why I’m being pampered with those lovingly prepared yogurt bowls…it’s still a good deal though. I just hope tomorrow’s theme isn’t water because odds are that I’ll end up head under in a bucket of water! I also must admit that the pictures turned out pretty cool, so I guess I’ll have to suck it up and indulge her crazy ideas, or even better, I’ll pay my son to be the guinea pig, oops I mean model.

I’d like to give a shout-out to all parents and their heroic efforts at keeping their little ones occupied and happy; you are doing an awesome job!

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