April 7, 2020 – Day nine of Shelter in Place:

Nine in the morning seems to have become my new official wake up time, regardless of the alarm clock. I still set it religiously for 6:00 am but I can’t muster up the will to let go of my pillow. To my body and its new internal clock, the most logical course of action apparently, is to turn off the alarm, dive deeper under the covers and continue sleeping. No biggie; it’s not like I’m going to get fired for being late for work!

Speaking of time, going into this second week of the lockdown I noticed that my perception of time has completely changed. In the pre-Corona era, I was always in a rush, just like almost everybody else I suppose. There was never enough time to do or finish anything and whatever I did do, it was always done haphazardly or in a hurry to get to the next task or before heading for work. But now, I have nothing but time. The day still comprises of 24 hours but there is no reason to stick to our pre-set doctrine of waking up, eating or sleeping at a specific time. There is nowhere to rush off to; time has become obsolete.

Kids collaborating amicably in the kitchen…a new first!

Today for example, we ate lunch at about three in the afternoon and we lingered at the table for almost an hour. I’m sure that this forced 24/7 togetherness will eventually start fraying our nerves and lead to conflicts and outbursts, but up till now I’m pleasantly surprised with the way we are all working together (or keeping out of each other’s hair). The kitchen especially is always full of activity, like a synchronized ballet dance; while one person is slicing and dicing, the other is searing or frying and yet another is washing and drying.

Papaya Stewousky

Today’s dance was titled: ’Papaya Stewousky’ (with the fresh green papayas from the ‘hòfi’). Just imagine the scene from ‘Ratatouille’, with all the rats working together in sync (not that I’m comparing my family with rats…although we are probably snacking through the day much like them!).

I now take my sweet old time to do things and since I’ve determined that time is obsolete, I’ve also decided that I have the prerogative to complete (or not) certain chores at an unspecified time simply because…I have time!

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