April 6, 2020 – Day eight of Shelter in Place:

I was not kidding about going vertical! I’ll admit that the morning got off to a slow start; I didn’t actually get out of bed until 9:00 am, but once up, I was on a roll. My only horizontal moment of the day was during the Press Release, after that I was back at it. The kids and I kicked off with a joint exercise routine and the rest of the day’s activities included cooking and cleaning (the chef called in her chips; she had online classes today, so I had full kitchen duty) and prepping for tomorrow’s lunch.

I also joined my daughter in her hunt for ‘photogenic’ flowers, for an online competition she enrolled in and I miraculously also got in some writing.

But the highlight of the day was definitely when ‘Dani’s fruits and veggies’ van stopped at our house to deliver our order. It felt like a party. We got a box full of gorgeous produce and we oohed and aahed at each and every one before carefully stowing them in the refrigerator. What an excitement! Who would have ever thought that unpacking broccoli and kale could make you leap for joy?

My mother is the queen of online shopping and not being able to order the latest gadgets, shoes, clothes and whatnots from Amazon has not deterred her from doing what she loves to do. She just switched to grocery online shopping instead and is having a ball making lists and ordering from any and all supermarkets that have delivery service. In turn, having a wide variety of vegetables to choose from has amped up our cooking game! We have been eating a lot healthier since the start of the lockdown, well…except for the occasional cakes, cookies and flans made by our pastry chef (read, my mother) that have also become part of our new meal plan.   

Later in the day we got an unexpected delivery! My father has been unable to go to his ‘hòfi’ and the guy taking care of the ‘hòfi’ brought him a crate full of pickings that included some sweet potatoes, papaya and ‘bonchi di kunuku’ (homegrown beans). If it had been a few weeks ago that my dad brought home the beans, we would have all scattered and disappeared to avoid being called upon to peel the beans. Now we almost fought for the privilege of undertaking this mundane but time killing task!

Two hours later, my mother and I proudly added our last peeled beans to the plastic container. Voilà, our work was done!

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