April 5, 2020 – Day seven of Shelter in Place:

No need to copy paste today; my morning routine was definitely different from the rest of the week. It was the weirdest thing really. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m not talking about a fitful sleep with much tossing and turning; I literally did not sleep at all until morning. First, I scrolled through Insta. Then I remembered that a friend had sent me a link where you could watch free foreign films. It had a list of about ten movies to choose from, bringing the ‘Film Festival’ experience to your home. I binge watched four movies on my phone without dozing off once, and when I glanced at my watch it was past 5:30 am; my alarm would go off any minute now, but I still had some hope that I could catch at least a few hours of sleep, so I made the executive decision to turn off the alarm clock and dove back under the covers.

It kind-of worked; I woke up at 9:30 am. But my routine had once again been disrupted and it made my entire system go on strike. I didn’t feel like exercising or even walking in the yard. I decided instead to dub this day: ‘Horizontal Sunday’. My daughter was kind enough to fix me another one of her fab yogurt bowls and brought me breakfast in bed (I’m not going to think about the huge debt I’ve accumulated with this service and will simply deal with it when she ultimately calls in her chips). I enjoyed my bowl of goodness while watching yet another movie on the list. I didn’t even bother to pause the film to follow the Press Release, which was a good thing because apparently it only lasted about 4 minutes.

I’ve had a ‘no TV in my bedroom’ policy for almost 20 years and I’ve never regretted it until the lockdown. I will deny ever having said this, but for the first time I’m starting to miss not having a TV in my room. I’ve had to make do with watching movies on my phone or laptop and it especially made my ‘Horizontal Sunday’ tricky because I had to actually walk to the TV room before I could crash on the sofa, completely undermining my new ‘Horizontal Sunday’ decree.

But apart from those few steps to the sofa, it wasn’t until lunch that I officially sat up and deliberately  walked towards the kitchen. I played nice as acting sous chef but as soon as I was done with the cutting, slicing and dicing, I covertly made my way to the sofa and settled back in my horizontal position for a Netflix session.

Fritatta extraordinare!

This time it was my son who acted as the designated waiter, bringing me my lunch; frittata accompanied by oven roasted bell peppers, the chef is really outdoing herself! I made a halfhearted attempt at sitting up straight but ended up eating at a 45-degree angle. Before even swallowing the last bite, my body slumped back into the horizontal position. I really wanted to get up and move at a certain point, or at least, that’s what my mind kept telling my body, but my limbs had their own agenda and didn’t budge. By almost 7:00 pm I finally managed to win the battle against the sofa. I got up, forced myself to go out in the yard and walked back and forth a few times to get the blood circulation going. Ten minutes in and I had had enough. I took a shower and answered the sofa’s call. I watched the news and then finally gave up on Sunday altogether and went to bed where I’m currently located, once more horizontally, back propped on a pillow and my laptop on, well, my lap! It was hard for me to write today’s entry. My regular Sundays are so completely different from this Covid19-induced-lockdown-Sunday that I didn’t know how to fill my day. I spent this entire week at home without even going to the supermarket as we had ordered groceries online and were okay on supplies. But at least I knew I had the option of going to the supermarket or the pharmacy if I really needed to. Today I didn’t have that option. Sunday, a day I usually look forward to because of its limitless options has suddenly become a tediously long and boring day. But I survived it and tomorrow is another day; I’m ready to go vertical!

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