April 4, 2020 – Day six of Shelter in Place:

I might as well start to copy paste at this point…so, yeah, you guessed it. Alarm went off at six, I woke up at 7:30. Walked around the house weighing my options. Should I do the treadmill again today or maybe the rower? I definitely wasn’t feeling the stationary bike; it makes me yarn too much for the outdoors. I’m afraid that instead of getting on the bike I would yank it from the standard and try to flee outside.

…Okay, the rower it is…

But then I suddenly remembered that my swim group organized a zoom meeting for 8 am (our regular swim time) to catch up on what everyone was doing since we couldn’t meet up for our weekly swim. I donned my cap and goggles just for kicks and ‘zoomed’ in. It was nice to see everyone again and to chat, but it was also a bit painful; I really miss the ocean. We talked for about an hour, signed off and I picked up my new daily routine where I had left off, which was with me just about to jump on the rower.

Another bowl of goodness…what price will I have to pay for them?

Afterwards I did a few push-ups to finish my exercise quota for the day, then quickly hit the shower and planted myself in front of the TV with another bowl of goodness prepped by my daughter, just in time for the day’s press release. (I’m slightly starting to worry about her increasing kindness, it could be that she has an ulterior motive, or that she noticed that her mother is finally losing it. I’m not sure which scenario is worse!)

They didn’t have much to report today. It was over just as I finally got all comfy on the sofa (after slowly squeezing my daughter off of it).

Time for lunch. Today’s special was oven roasted sweet peppers prepared by our new in-house chef; my daughter. By now we have all fallen into a certain routine with everyone adhering to their specific task and specialty. My daughter does most of the cooking and I do the cleanup during and after meals. I also step in as sous chef once in a while.

My mom’s delicious lemon cake!

My mother does the baking for our dessert of the day (today it was lemon cake, very tasty and lemony!) My son takes out the trash, waters the plants and handles all chores that require strength or involve lifting anything, and my father is the official taster of all foods prepared! It’s a pretty good system that seems to be working so far.

I finished my day by taking my mountain-bike for a very, very short spin in the front yard, followed by a ‘walk-a-thon’ consisting of 10 circles around the house, whereby my father acted as the official counter and triumphantly waved a white flag (read crumpled up napkin) at the end of my last lap. It almost felt like crossing the finish line at a triathlon…almost.

Riding up and down the yard…

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