April 3, 2020 – Day five of Shelter in Place:

And I’m back! I’m not great, but I am good, which is more than I can hope for. Yesterday evening I had a long phone conversation with my best friend. We usually meet up for coffee at least once a week to catch up on gossip or talk about everything and nothing, but of course, we haven’t been able to continue our coffee ritual since the introduction of the first quarantine measures about two weeks ago, banning people from meeting in public places. It wasn’t until we spoke on the phone that I realized how therapeutic those coffee talks had been.

I can almost visualize myself at one of my favorite coffee hangouts sitting at a cozy table for two, holding my hot cup of coffee in both hands and inhaling the earthy aroma of the beans while the heat from the mug spreads slowly from my fingers to warm up the rest of my body. But it wasn’t just about the coffee; while we sat there and sipped our cappuccino, we would take this time to  talk about whatever had been bothering us that day or week without judgement, just an opportunity to let it all out and blow off some steam. So, this time we did it by phone. We ranted and raved about the lockdown, the stupidity of some people and the admirable in others, we laughed at stupid jokes and almost cried at the injustice of it all. After talking for over an hour, the world did not magically right itself, in fact, nothing had changed but I for one did at least feel a bit better. I could still talk and laugh with my best friend, it didn’t matter that it was by phone, while drinking lukewarm instant coffee.  

So, yes, I’m back and I woke up fully revitalized (well, I still killed the alarm at 6 and slept till 8 but, I did wake up energized!). The new me, decided to take on the day with much ‘joie de vivre’, inventing all sorts of chores to keep me busy.

I scrubbed the kitchen rugs, changed and washed all the bed linens then jumped on the treadmill for an hour. I was midway through my run, when the most wonderful thing happened…my mind started to wander as it usually does when I’m outdoors on the bike. When this happens, my creative side suddenly fires up, words and sentences take form in my head and it becomes a race to keep it all in there till I get back home to put it down on paper.

I grabbed my phone to dictate my main idea on the voice recorder, but I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses and couldn’t see crap on the screen. I was torn; should I stop running and go write, simply because I could, or should I finish my run first, then go write and hope I don’t forget the gist of the story?

Any sane person would say, ‘go write!’, but then again, that person obviously doesn’t understand the complex and intricate inner-workings of my lunatic mind! To me, stopping would have meant deviating from the norm and this was the first time in a long time that something finally felt like ‘the norm’.

I wouldn’t have been able to step off the bike to write, so in my mind, I should stick to that principle. What did I decide to do, you might ask? Well, let’s just say that what I’m writing right now wasn’t exactly what I had planned to write, but I think I at least did get the gist of it!

Silent witnesses to a crazy mind…

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