April 12, 2020 – Day fourteen of Shelter in Place:

Today I gussied up; I put on my earrings, sprayed some perfume and even applied some lipstick…okay lip gloss but it’s still makeup. And to top it off…I wore a bra! It’s Easter after all; no need to scare of the Easter Bunny!

We decided to move the car on the street and use the open garage as our impromptu ‘outdoor brunch’ venue. We kept it simple but nice, decorating the table with an actual tablecloth, using our ‘nice’ plates and silverware and adding a center piece made from garden pickings. The small ‘buffet’ table on the side displayed our culinary masterpieces (hey, we worked on them long enough, to us they were works of art).

At around noon we all finally sat down for the feast. We counted our blessings and reminisced about previous Easter celebrations and just enjoyed each other’s company. By 1:00 pm the plates were devoured and washed, and everything was back in its place (including my bra which I stuffed back in the drawer!). Easter was basically over…now what?

We hurried to the TV room to watch the much-anticipated Andrea Bocelli concert that had been advertised all week. It was indeed impressive but lasted only about 20 minutes. We still had the rest of the day to kill.

Master beans chef at work!

So, of course, back to the kitchen we went to start on Monday’s lunch: the ‘hòfi’ beans we had peeled the other day. This is my mom’s specialty, so this time I was her sous chef while she made her magic. She also decided to make a zucchini bread while she was at it, then realized halfway through adding the ingredients to the mixing bowl that there wasn’t enough zucchini and turned it into a zucchini/carrot bread instead! You got to make do with what you have right? Besides, it’s all good, the more veggies the better. It means that it can technically be considered part of a balanced diet instead of a dessert!

My daughter’s winning shot!

The highlight of the evening was when my daughter found out she won the last photo challenge of the week as well. The theme was Easter and I must say, not just because she’s my daughter, but I thought she came up with a darned cute idea and executed it perfectly. She took a picture of the Easter Bunny having a ‘lockdown’ skype date. How creative is that!


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