About Me

My story in a nutshell:

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Curaçao, I’m a ‘creole’ in the true sense of the word. I grew up in a diverse culture, where speaking at least four languages is the norm. Island life can sometimes be stifling but it also has its advantages; the laidback pace, short distances to all activities and laughable rush hour traffic compared to big cities. Because of the different ethnicities on the island you soak up a bit of everything, almost like travelling around the world without ever stepping on an airplane. This helped fuel my imagination and creativity; the love for writing had already been imbedded in me from the moment of conception. I enjoy listening to stories, like reading them even more and am truly passionate about writing.

Words can convey so much if you place them in the right order. Make me stand up and talk in front of a small group of people and I will freeze up and be rendered speechless, but give me pen and paper and words will flow unbridled. Let me tell your story, let me be your voice on paper…

Tamara Neuman