April 28, 2020 – Day thirty of Shelter in Place:

We have reached a milestone today…30 days in lockdown…not exactly something to celebrate, but on the other hand, the fact that we are all still here, healthy and apparently reasonably sane since we haven’t killed anyone (yet), is a good enough reason to rejoice…take out the bubbly!

My posts are becoming less frequent and shorter as the days become longer and indistinguishable from one another. What’s in a day? How is Throwback Thursday any different from Manic Monday, Hump day Wednesday, TGIF and Sunday Funday? Except for the difference in the name, it has all become a blur of sameness, interspersed with a sudden flurry of activity on any given day, only to fall back in the prevalent monotonous life the rest of the week.

We’ve done just about everything to keep busy just as the rest of the island (and the world). Lots of cooking, baking and cleaning, walking, hiking and biking with swimming also added to this list recently; we are finally allowed to go to the beach for a quick swim.

One of the things I’ve taken to doing to help pass the time is washing the cars. I’ve become almost an expert at it and can ‘wax on, wax off’ a car in under an hour. My parents lovingly keep telling me not to bother washing their car and I just recently discovered that it isn’t because they don’t want me to go to the trouble as they have been claiming for the past few weeks; it’s because I suck at it!

And I must admit, they are right. I don’t get it. I mean, it’s not rocket science right? How difficult can it be to wash a car? Well, extremely difficult apparently because no matter how I try, the car always ends up with visible streaks on it. And then there is the car roof…

The monster truck!
You practically need an elevator to reach that roof!

In my defense, I’m only 1.57 m tall. And my dad’s pickup is waaay bigger than that! Besides, no one looks at car roofs anyway, so why bother cleaning it! In any case I gave them a way out; I need the ‘entertainment’ factor washing the car gives me, they need an excuse for why the car looks like it was washed by an eight-year-old. My solution? If anyone asks, just tell them the neighbor’s kid washed it. They look like heroes for giving ‘the kid’ something to do while I actually get to do it and…well…have something to do! Win-win all the way! Okay, except for the neighbor’s kid…sorry buddy, tough times, tough choices…you can go wash your own parent’s car!

Well, gotta go, I’m off to wash the pickup again. “Hey dad, where’s the key? Actually, where is the pickup? Did you hide it down the street again?!”

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