April 20, 2020 – Day twenty-two of Shelter in Place:

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been six days since I last updated the logbook. You would think that being stuck at home I have nothing but time to write, alas, it doesn’t work like that. It’s not just about having the time at your disposition; you need an alignment of elements for it to work and my world has been completely unaligned for the last few days (technically, for the last few weeks but more so the last few days).

It’s a good day today, I made my bed!

But today was a good day and I grabbed it with both hands (in my case, I grabbed my laptop with both hands and started furiously tapping away). I was (and still am) in a relatively good place because I made my bed this morning. I usually make it first thing when I wake up, but lately it has been taking me almost the entire day before I finally make a halfhearted attempt at straightening the sheets and fluffing the pillows before tumbling into bed again. To me, making my bed is like an affirmation: I’m up, I’m alive and I’m ready to take on the world (or at least the day). I haven’t been very affirmative as of late, hence my tangled, messy bed.

A nostalgic visit to my favorite swimming spot

But there have been positive changes; we are now allowed to go out and do sports in the mornings and late afternoons and I have been making good use of that freedom, jumping on my bike or going for long walks whenever I had the chance. (It’s probably also one of the reasons I haven’t written much in the past few days.)

It made me happy to finally be outside, but it made me feel even better when I saw so many other people enjoying these same perks. The first time out on my bike, there were people walking everywhere (while maintaining the proper social distance). Not just at the usual spots where walkers and runners exercise, but along the entire route. As if they had simply opened the front door and walked out with no particular destination in mind, as long as it was outside of those four oppressive walls.

This was one change I had hoped would survive the lockdown; people walking out and about, enjoying the fresh air and the wonders nature has to offer. But today was only the fifth day since we got clearance to walk, run or bike and already I noticed that there were less people on the streets. As if the novelty of going outside wore off by the end of the weekend.

I still have some hope that the streets were less crowded this morning because it was a Monday. There are a lot of people who work from home and maybe they like to get an early start. Hopefully there will be more walkers, runners and cyclists in the evening. If there is one thing I believe we should embrace, it’s this new way of looking at life, not through the windshield of a vehicle, a TV screen or a mobile device but physically, using all your senses to completely enjoy the experience. It will give you a newfound respect for nature, for how you treat your body, for life.

It’s the wind blowing at you from all directions, whispering in your ear; “Faster, faster, I know you can go faster, try to catch me if you can!”.

It’s the sense of power, pushing yourself to the limit, feeling how you master first one hill and then another and another until you have surmounted them all.

It’s the sense of freedom you feel flying down the roads. You are at the helm; you decide whether to turn right or left and when to head back home.

It’s the sense of balance, not only with the bicycle but an inner balance of the body and soul, everything is one and at peace.

It’s the complete sense of joy and accomplishment that comes with having conquered another ride, another challenge, another day.

My bed is made, my ride completed, I am ready!

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