April 11, 2020 – Day thirteen of Shelter in Place:

It’s the day before Easter Sunday. There will be no egg hunt this year. Okay, to be fair, we wouldn’t have had an egg hunt even without the lockdown; we are all grownups after all, but still, we do celebrate Easter. Usually we either go to one of the brunches organized by different hotels, or, if we are not too lazy, we do our own brunch at home. This time we don’t really have a choice. Lazy or not, we will have to make the best of it and celebrate at home.

I wasn’t really feeling it; this second week of lockdown was taking its toll on me mentally and emotionally, but my daughter had been looking forward to it. She wanted us to start prepping a few of the dishes to speed up  the work so that the next day all we had to do was plate the cut up fruit and cold cuts, pop the frittata and homemade bagels in the oven, set the table and enjoy our brunch. I didn’t want to be a party pooper, so I donned my sous chef hat once more, picked up the knife and sliced away (with a glove close by just in case…). 

They say that when life brings you lemons you make lemonade. Well, I’m not too sure about that, but in our case the ‘hòfi’ and local ‘toko’ brought us tamarind, ginger and sweet bell peppers, so we made jam which came in handy for our brunch!

Homemade jam…we be jamming it!

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